Phillip Ray Ladd

Artist Statement

I make drawings because I enjoy the flexibility of drawing. Water based media, ink and watercolors allow me the freedom to spontaneous, which is important to me because what I want to say with a piece is determined in the moment by the act of drawing. I do not approach my work by starting with specific idea.

While working on a drawing I have a mark or an idea of an object in my mind and lay it down on the paper and respond to it. My work is like an improvisational dance. Initially, I work quickly and without much thought. I make a mark and react and move. My process is entirely intuitive. Afterwards I return to the image and look at it with a critical eye and work in layers to strengthen the image with variety and complexity.

An interest in dance has led to my current work which is focused on the process of drawing or painting through extended movements of the body and not just through flicks of the wrist. I achieve this by working on surfaces that are roughly the size of my body. I am exploring the contrast of creative movement of the body and the creation of static images. I have been influenced by Gallia Ebienshultz and Linda Hains. Gallia uses her background in dance to turn the act of making a drawing into a performance and leaving behind a very kinetic piece. Gallia’s lines are full of energy and  created through fluid movement.  They are extremely expressive in nature. Hains too, physically involved with her drawings working quickly and spontaneously with a rich and colorful palette that I thoroughly enjoy.

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